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Gopro is a brand that many people will be familiar with as a travel camera or an action camera. Of course, the brand has grown and it's the first brand to make this kind of camera. This time, the hero 8 has developed a lot more to make it more user-friendly, and for the first time launched in both versions, Gopro Hero 8 Black and Gopro MAX. The MAX model is a model that supports 360-degree video shooting and has a more front-facing screen and a mic, and the Hero 8 is like its predecessor, with a rear screen with a more integrated vibrating feature, and hdr super photo.

Gopro 8 comes with several interesting features, to begin with. The built-in Hero 8 Black feature, both hyper smooth 2.0, supports all resolutions / Horizon Leveling for keeping the skyline straight even when it holds a straight tilt/ TimeWarp 2.0 that can be Hyper-lapse and Slow-Motion at the press stroke or auto. Cinematic, Super Photo, better, beautiful picture up, better HDR, better mic sound. The MAX supports 360-degree shooting and a 145-degree wide-angle lens if it's shot in a normal mode. It's wider than the Hero 8 Black and has six shotgun mics. Comes with better sound and a Time Warp that can rotate the view at 360 degrees. Gopro Hero 8 Black's seamless Panorama comes for $399 and Gopro Max for $499.


The design remains the same as previous versions, but it's a little improved in terms of materials that are harder to weld and more durable, from the better glass body and the stronger body in the Hero 8. On the MAX side, we can see that it's larger and has a front and rear camera. The front screen is perfect for the vlog filmmakers. The body is strong enough, but the lens is a little bit careful. The extras in the 8th generation have a special MOD accessory to use in both bright lights and dim lights. An optional camera screen is also available.

The hero 8 is similar in front of the screen, but what's changed, including the logo itself, and the front of it, there's an extra mic from which the previous version is not available in this section. The rear part is a full touch system with a similar size to the original version. But what I like is that the operation is not delayed anymore as its predecessor.

On the left side of the camera is a power button, and you can do anything. And on top of it, it's a button to record when shooting, so you can see that the body has changed to better withstand the tracks and is stronger than it used to be.

The main development I like is to put on a stand handle. It's very good design at this point. The strength is good and it's a whole piece of steel. It can be folded if not in use, it can support all accessories at all. The battery cover is designed to be stronger and harder to remove. It's a larger piece, and the battery is the same size, but the current has changed so it's not good to use it with the 7. The usb-C Micro-SD is all in here, I have a very strong and secure waterproof seal.

The GoPro MAX is designed in this model with two cameras on the back and the screen is located in front of the body, and it is clear that the camera is embossed a lot. And there's a full-fledged mic on both the front and the back. The screen also supports normal touch operation. The material is similarly used as the 8-generation, firm, and reasonably strong. But the lens is a little fragile if you don't wear a lens cover.
The top edge sits on the power button and has two mic holes for noise-canceling applications. The bottom base is the same as the hero 8 design, so it can be folded and strong. It's very good design.

The lid is quite strong and the lid is tighter. When it opens, the battery is still pulled out, but it must be said that the battery does not work with the 7-8, it is longer than the other models.



- The design is attached to the foldable GoPro - 14% lighter than the previous model and 2x more impact resistance - supports additional Mod installation - Choose from 4 lenses: Narrow, Linear, Wide-Angle Lens and SuperView - 10 Preset Settings - Standard Mode, Activity, Cinematic, and Slo-Mo - HyperSmooth 2.0 Anti-Vibration and Boost Support - TimeWarp 2.0 - Horizon Leveling In-app work - Night Lapse 4K, 2.7K 4:3, 1440p, 1080p - LiveBurst Shoot 1.5 seconds before shutter release - 12-megapixel photos have been reconfigurable HDR and SUPER PHOTO - Supports RAW file shooting - 4K 60FPS video // 1080p 240FPS // 1080p 240 FPS: Slo-Mo 8X, Bit rate 100Mbps - Live stream 1080p + HyperSmooth - Voice command support - GPS support to capture speed, distance, and height and add details to video with GoPro app - comes with 3 mics ready. Better reduction of wind noise during video shooting - supports 10-meter deep water resistance


- Design attached to GoPro - HERO + 360 Capture Modes Toggle shooting mode Regular or 360-degree video shooting - Max HyperSmooth - In-Camera Horizon Leveling Built-in - Max TimeWarp The same applies to TimeWarp 2.0 but supports additional 360-degree shooting - Choose from 4 video lenses - PowerPano 270°Wideness - Shoot 5.6K 30FPS 360°, 1440p 60FPS or 1080p 60FPS - Still images in 5.5-megapixel HERO mode 360-degree 16.6-megapixel mode and 6.2-megapixel PowerPano - 6 mics for 360-degree audio capture as a shotgun mic - 360-degree clip Reframe is a typical clip. Built-in app - Live stream 1080p + HyperSmooth - Voice command support - GPS support to capture speed, distance, and height, and add to detail in video with GoPro app - Scene Detection The camera self-detects the scene of what the environment we are in - it supports 5 meters of deep water.


Still shooting supports up to 12.2MP photography in the GOPRO 8 series and supports HDR – Super Photo and raw shooting. The MAX version will support 16MP shooting at a 360-degree angle, and if the normal angle is 5MP, and SUPERPANORAMA will be 6.2 MP, it would be more important to focus on the still image than the Gopro 8 Black.